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Happy Fall Y’all!

This letter comes to you with a warm hello together with business and personal updates. I hope you have been healthy and happy!

Some awesome news to share! Hometown USA was voted “Best Real Estate Agency Chandler” by the East Valley Tribune survey for 2023. While we strive to make your real estate experience with us a great one, it still comes as a pleasant surprise! Also, as an agent, I was recognized in the “Reader Recommended” category.

Deed fraud is on the rise. All counties across the country are scrambling to find ways to prevent it, report it, remedy it and prosecute the criminals. A fellow REALTOR friend was unfortunately a victim. Her father had passed away, the home was vacant, and a large real estate company “bought” his (that became her) house from an impostor-a criminal from CA much younger, using her dad’s name. It was only when that large real estate company tried to sell that same property (they too were the ‘victim”) that my friend discovered the fraud. We in our REALTOR community are working with the Governor’s office to tackle this issue. I had the opportunity to be part of the initial “talks” this past month together with our Real Estate Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner that included my REALTOR friend as well. If you have a mortgage, it may be more difficult for fraud to occur. Paid off homes and those homeowners who have died are greater targets. While it is more reactive than proactive, you can go to this Maricopa County page to register your name for an alert should your name or one very close to your name be recorded: Maricopa County Title Alert

In my opinion, the deed fraud ads touting to protect you are a waste of your $$!

Last year we hosted a movie event and a holiday party. They were so much fun! We intend to have more of the same. Thanks to your referrals, please keep them coming! Call/Text me 602-361-5053.

Here’s to the coming of crisp, cool mornings, trick or treaters, fall/winter sports, turkey, pumpkin pie and holiday gatherings! Oh, and my first grandchild making his appearance come mid-December!

Warm regards from Margie

(Your lovin’ Broker at Hometown USA)

*P.S. They say an elephant never forgets. I will never forget you!

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